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A Better Bureau Approved Company

We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

When you look to secure your business, start with an Accredited Business for your security needs.

Our Products & Services

Spam, Virus, Spyware & Email Filtering

Developers of the SpamZapper used at www.Spam-Zapper.com and

Read our Win the War against spam once and for all now!

Press Release for our SpamZapper Service, our Email Security Tool - June 22, 2005

We have more Press Releases in our Library.

Expose your Email Headers - Now you can examine the hidden headers in your Email box.

Internet Security

Customized Solutions for Business, including Passive and Active Firewalls, Port Scanning detection, intrusion detection systems (IDS), as well as intrusion prevention systems (IPS).

Our Active Defense solution for Intrusion Prevention detects unwanted activity before your servers are compromised. Active Defenese is the Gold Standard for internet protection, because it stops unwanted activity before it compromises your environment.

Our experienced staff is also useful in eliminating unwanted compromises from your servers. Our Security Consultants are experienced in small to global strategies. Let our experiences lead your project.

Risk Reduction Complete Review and Analysis for Redundancy and Risk Reduction, let us assist you in the development of your Disaster Recovery plans, as well as High Availability Clusters. Investing in Risk Reduction services will identify weaknesses in your organization's environment, so that you are better able to survive when a problem (or a disaster) strikes your business.

Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management is an essential tool for monitoring a company's computing resources (it's network, computers, applications ...), and insuring that these resources are available for operations. ABS has experience with two enterprise management applications, HP OpenView and Nagios. HP OpenView is one of the best licensed applications due to it's open architecture. Nagios is a best in class OpenSource application suite. We have installed many monitors and have developed a few monitors which are available on our Library.

ISP Services

We have been working with ISPs for more than 10 years. In working with ISPs we have acquired tools which are specific to the management of the ISP. Our Server Administrator permits the management of the ISPs Servers from a central location (including virtual domain hosting). Of course we have experience with Sendmail, Radius, DHCP, DNS, POP3 and IMAP.

We also built the first ISPs in Western PA which runs on Linux. We have worked with ISPs providing Administration, Support, Forensic analysis, Security Enhancement, SPAM filtering with our SPAM Zapper solution. ISPs are easy targets for the Internet Hackers, and our services have proven results in protection and increased uptime.

International Support Services

Enterprise Management, HP OpenView Support, ISP Support, Hacker Mitigation, let our experienced Staff support your organization's Technical Service needs. Local, National, and International Service for your Technical needs. Our support services make it simple to solve your Technical issues.

Linux Support Services

We have more than 12 years of Technical and Professional Experience on Linux. Our development skill, migration experience, integration with LDAP, and Active Directory, as well as Printer Services make it easy to migrate to Linux. We have experience with SlackWare, RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake, Mandriva, Suse and more. Let our experience be part of your next project.

In the news is the Mandriva product line, here is a recent article on CRN which we were asked to contribute for.

Unix Support Services

All roads came from Unix. We have more than 20 years of Unix Expertise, and we are ready to support your company's Unix support or Security needs. With experience on DEC, IBM, HP, Data General, Sun and more. Call us First, and we will get you on the right track.

Recovery Services

We provide Remote and Local Recovery of systems which have been compromised.

Sarbanes Oxley compliance

We are specialists in Security, Auditing, and Compliance. Let us work with you to meet you company's audits and responsibilities.

Customized Training

With more than 20 years of Unix Experience, we have provided On-site training for Users and Companies. Let us develop a training program for your Company. We use off the shelf supplies, and can also tailor programs to suit your company's Training needs.

Our Confident Staff is Certified in Homeland Security, and is ready to serve. Confidentiality of your information and identity is assured.




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Our ABS representative will answer and assist you with your specific needs.

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