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A Better Bureau Approved Company

We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

When you look to secure your business, start with an Accredited Business for your security needs.

Resource Library

More than 30,000,000 Filtered Connections

SpamZapper® is not just email filtering, but Spam Elimination

Read our Win the War against spam once and for all now!

Now Wireless Security, is affordable for WiFi connections. WiFi security for Home, Small Offices, or Global Corporations. Just another weapon in the Active Defense arsenal for your Security.

Our Best Practices for SPAM Reduction Guide is available here, however SpamZapper® now includes our IPS (intrusion protection system) environment.

Computer Incident Response Group - Developed for the Pittsburgh InfraGard.

Examine your Email Headers - Now you can examine the hidden headers in your Email box. Expose your Email Headers with our Easy to use Guide.
Unsafe File Types for Email distribution Our resource for determining the different types of files being sent in email.

Creating Encrypted Tunnels using PuTTY, a good method for transporting SMTP and POP3 via SSH - Alternate site.

SarbanesOxley - The Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 - We perform compliance updates for SOX

Internet Security Starts Here, our solutions for Secure and Filtered Email is used by security professionals, and businesses Internationally. Our SpamZapper® services permit us to deliver filtered email, as well as encrypted connections using SSH for privacy.

RFC 2821 - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, This is the self-contained specification of the basic protocol for the Internet electronic mail transport. It consolidates, updates and clarifies, but doesn't add new or change existing functionality ... SpamZapper® is a fully complient tool supportting PCs, Macs, BlackBerrys, CellPhones, iPhones (Apple & Cisco), and other Email communication devices.

Urban Legends

The SpamZapper® virtually eliminates the receipt of Urban Legends in the wild, but we have our friends and families to thank for continuing to spread the gossip. If you find that your friends are spreading the perverbial legend about, send them our way to gain the protection of the SpamZapper®.

Did you ever get an Email and you were not sure if it was real? Here are a few of the well known sites for determining whether those Email messages are Real, or yet another one of the Urban Legends:
  Urban Legends and Modern Myths
  Urban Legends and Hoaxes Resource Center
  Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends
  How Urban Legends Work
  Urban Legends and Superstitions

HP OpenView

The Porting & Archive Centre for HP-UX - An exceptional resource for addons to HP-UX systems.

CPU Hogs - This is the Measureware Template that was written by Albert E. Whale, please contact him here aewhale@ABS-CompTech.com.

Please feel free to visit the HP OpenView resource library which we have compiled here .



01/01 - Black, White and Grey lists.
01/02 - Viewing the Sendmail Logfile.
01/03 - Active Defense - No Limits.
01/04 - Email Headers - reviewing your email.
01/05 - Disabling distructive content.
02/01 - Adding Non-Disclosure statements.
02/02 - The Ides of March - the Death of Image Spam.
02/03 - Improving your personal Security - Mozilla Firefox.
02/04 - Better Email Tools - Mozilla Thunderbird.
03/01 - Eliminate Internet Attacks - Protecting your on-line business.
03/02 - Windows XP SP3 crashes routers - Protecting your on-line business - Part 2.

Press Releases

Experts agree that more than 84% of Email is Spam. - June 22, 2005
SpamZapper® is Email Security. Now with Intrusion Protection. - February 21, 2006
More than 30 Million email connections filtered in the last 2 years - November 10, 2006

Secure Tools

Get PuTTY for Windows here - A secure replacement for telnet. Don't send Clear Text again!

Get WinSCP for Windows here - A secure replacement for FTP (works as SFTP and SCP).

Password Depot is an encrypted storage program for your passwords. You can save your application passwords, site passwords, Internet passwords, backit up, and also store it on a USB drive. Think about it, are your passwords stored in an encrypted location?

Active Ports "Active Ports - easy to use tool for Windows NT/2000/XP that enables you to monitor all open TCP/IP and UDP ports on the local computer. Active Ports maps ports to the owning application so you can watch which process has opened which port. It also displays a local and remote IP address for each connection and allows you to terminate the owning process. Active Ports can help you to detect trojans and other malicious programs." - Note: While Norton Anti-Virus detected my Active Ports as a possible infection, I can say that it has detected more valuable information than it has done harm.

Free Personal Firewall - The Comodo Personal Firewall is the first FREE personal Firewall for Windows machines, which provides features used by Security professionals. If you want a reliable Firewall for a Windows based computer, I would highly recommend the Comodo Firewall, just click on the link to download your own copy. - Albert E. Whale, CHS CISA CISSP

PC Tools

Keep your PC Time synchronized - TimeSync

Check for Spyware - Ad-Aware SE Personal SpyWare Removal Tool

My second choice for eliminating SpyWare - SpyBot Search and Destroy

PDFCreator - Create transportable documents in PDF format. Now you can send files that anyone can read.

Clam Win - Clam Win is the FREE Virus scanner for your PC, which is based on the ClamAV Open Source software.

Windows Resources

Windows operating systems resources - RefDesk
Annoyances.org - Annoyances.org
One AOL Users attempt to Cancel the Account - Cancel the AOL Account - June 25, 2006


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