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A Better Bureau Approved Company

We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

When you look to secure your business, start with an Accredited Business for your security needs.

SpamZapper ® Email Security

SpamZapper ® eliminates Spam, while other products and services will only filter spam. Our Email security solution (backed with the protection of our Active Defense) has proven to eliminate the hacker attacks on your firewall and email server. If your internet connection is being attacked, then call us right away, and we'll put an end to the attacks, almost immediately. No one else can make this claim.

More than 30,000,000 Filtered Connections

The SpamZapper ® is true World class Email Security. With more than 14 years invested in the development of Email systems, SpamZapper ® has proven to be the most reliable E-Mail filtering system available.

SpamZapper ® is Spam Elimination. We eliminate the Spam, and deliver real email. Stop using products which filter your Spam, let us eliminate for you!

SpamZapper ® is protected with our own Active Defense Intrusion Prevention System. Active Defense stops attacks before they can entier the network.

While SpamZapper ® eliminates spam from our email, our Active Defense helps to protect our Internet based servers.

If you are interested in trying the SpamZapper ® to see it actually eliminate spam from your email, we are offering a FREE two week trial for all New Customers.

Please call our office at 412-635-7488 to sign-up for this offer.

We perform all updates and maintenance, your return on investment (ROI) is complete in less than 15 minutes! The best part is that you will experience less problems with your PCs from Spam and viruses as well!


Our Email Services are 100 % compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix, Macs, Blackberry devices, and include a Web interface for Internet access. Our customers can access our servers securely anywhere they have an internet connection.


SpamZapper ® runs well without any configuration, but customizing SpamZapper ® s a snap with our own Server Administrator tool. Our GUI Interface permits the administrators of ISPs, Businesses, or individual hosting customers to configure the filtering capabilities from any Web Browser.

In addition to tuning the filtering capabilites for a hosted domain, the administrator can also elect to add rules to support different filtering rules for any of the email addresses managed by the administrator.

report graphs for SpamZapper
Graphical reports make it easy to judge the effectiveness on the filtering rules for the hosted domain, or any of the addresses contained within. Comparisions are automatic for the User, Domain, and Hosting facility (great for Business or ISP management).

True Email security is judged by the ability of the environment to be transparent to the users, while also eliminating the number of Viruses, Spyware, Phishing attacks, and down time from all of the above. SpamZapper ® provides an immediate return on investment, while eliminating Viruses, and improving reliability.

Several of our International customers have told us that our Servers are actually better (and faster) than any of the previous solutions they have had in-house. Many even stopped using their Exchange servers, and are saving tens of thousands of dollars in license fees, and maintenance costs.

Business packages start at just $49.00 per month for small offices, and include storage space for Web Hosting as well. This makes it easy to justify, and the rewards are seen immediately. Our Intrusion Prevention actively repells probes, and attacks from Internet Hackers, keeping your servers safer than ever. Our system is both locally and internationally tested, with more than 35,000,000+ mail connections processed.

Use your firewall to to Stop Spam

Improving Security is is essential, and the SpamZapper ® services permits you to now use your Firewall to block unwanted Spam. Yes you heard right, now you can actually stop the Spammers with your Firewall, because we will actually be providing Spam elimination for you!

If you would have asked a Network Guru before how you could stop spam with your firewall, they would have probably told you that you just could not do it. Our Existing Server configuration guide. can guide you through the necessary steps to Stop the spammers, at your firewall. We'll take care of the rest for you.

For more information, please feel free to visit or Email Filtering sites at www.No-JunkMail.com, Our newest website www.SpamZapper.us, or www.Spam-Zapper.com, our Get Our Free Brochure describing SPAM Zapper services here or contact us directly.

You can reach us directly at SpamZapper@ABS-CompTech.com, we have maintenance free solutions to improve your security.

ABS Computer Technology, Inc. - We always provide "A Better Solution."

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