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A Better Bureau Approved Company

We are proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

When you look to secure your business, start with an Accredited Business for your security needs.

Active Defense - Serious Security

Active DefenseTM implements a layered approach to Unix/Linux security. Layered security provides the best protection for the Network as well as the Applications on the servers. While other companies want to implement an off the shelf solution to fit all needs, our Active DefenseTM and the use of Layers provides a customized solution, for Maximum portection.

Today's internet servers need better protection to survive the scanning, probing and automated attacks which are occur all over the world. Now, improved, automatic Network Security for your network and servers has never been easier.

Our Active DefenseTM is our solution for servers and networks which are either on the Internet, or have direct access to other servers which are connected to the internet.

While firewalls are good devices for permanently blocking IP Addresses, not unwanted content, they are either static or stateful, not dynamic by design. Inherently the firewall permits access to the outside for some.

What if your Firewall could also stop the attacks? That would save bandwidth and provide better security for your company. Firewalls do not stop the attacks, because they continue to occur. But our solutions are proven to reduce your bandwidth, improve your security, and provide the best protection available.

What if you investment in Security was able to pay for itself? Have you considered what your business would do in the event of a break in, or a disaster? Let our experience guide you to the options which best fit your needs. You can consider it an investment in your organization.

Server Safe Security

Our Active DefenseTM introduces an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Server SafeTM which provides the flexibility of a adaptive Firewall, while also protecting your environment from unwanted intrusions. Now we can protect Internet based servers with the intelligence for detecting and repelling the attacks as they start.

Imagine if you will that hackers have targeted your Servers, but that your servers have decided to ignore the connections.

Server SafeTM - Advanced Edition

Server SafeTM Advanced is the solution we have developed to protect Internet servers. Our Advanced Edition uses all of the protection we offer with Server SafeTM solution, with additional protection for Internet connected Servers.

Server SafeTM Advanced is battle tested and Internet Ready. We have deployed the Advanced edition on internet servers all over the internet, and have eliminated unwanted connections for all servers. As part of our Web Hosting solution, we provide our Server SafeTM Advanced solution on all of our vhosted domains. Providing you with the added protection, and security of our security solutions.

Finally, advanced security solutions to protect the Unix & Linux based server from external forces.

Please contact us for an overview of our Server solutions, for security reasons we only disclose our processes to our customers.

SpamZapper Email Security

Our SpamZapper Product and Service includes our Active DefenseTM security protection. So if you are an existing customer (via one of our Managed Hosting Services, or Installed Installed packages), you have the full flexibility of the access you need, and the security from our Active DefenseTM.

SpamZapper is used by our customers internationally. This is a blog post from one of our customers, Denise Richardson. Denise is an author and advocate for consumer credit.

Protect your computer from hackers -before it's too late - Give me back my Credit

Clean Content Web Filtering and Security

Clean ContentTM

Our Clean Content web cache and filter is designed to reduced your risk of Identity Theft, as well as provide a simple way to introduce a content rating system to protect our children and employees, as they surf the web.

We have used our numerous years of Consulting, Enterprise Management and Hosting experiense in the development of our Active DefenseTM. Now you can enjoy the benefit of our experience with either our Managed Services (Email hosting, Web hosting or Dedicated hosting) along with the security of our advanced experience.

Look for more information to come soon. Or, why not contact us today? We can get you more information, as well as keep you safe, secure and connected.

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